What do you learn?

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Did you know:

  • Essential oils are NOT recommended for babies?
  • That bath time is NOT a good time to massage young babies?
  • Why we start with babies legs when starting massage?
  • How you can teach important safety information to young children through massage?


These questions and other information will be outlined during massage sessions to ensure your baby continues to enjoy the benefits of massage.

During class I demonstrate all the strokes on a doll while you learn on your baby.  I bring spare dolls in case

your baby is sleeping or is just not interested at the time!

Information covered include:

  •  Appropriate oils to use – pure, organic oils


  • Permission sequence – asking your baby permission to massage and the reasons why


  • Timing massage for maximum benefit, to make sure massage continues to be a wonderful experience


  • Discussion on colic and strokes to help alleviate symptoms


  • Adapting strokes as your baby grow (right into teenage years!)


  • Exercises for flexibility and co-ordination


  • Understanding your babies body language so your baby enjoys the experience


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