Blissful Bub Baby Massage

“A Mothers Touch is the first Love a child feels” AnonHand massage


Welcome to Blissful Bub.  My site introduces you to baby massage which benefits both baby and mother.

Affordable and Fun – Baby massage enhances bonding and attachment as well as offering other health benefits.

Studies have found that of the five senses, touch plays in important role in the development of children.  Babies and children who are touched, stroked and held are more healthy mentally, emotionally and physically than those aren’t.

I teach by demonstrating in the comfort of the mother’s home at a time convenient to her and her baby.

Gentle and relaxing, learning baby massage is a skill for life.  The techniques can be used as your baby

grows, throughout their childhood and adapted into teenage years!

Not only can mothers benefit but I encourage Dads and close caregivers to become involved in baby massage



As well as being a beautiful bonding experience massaging provides numerous health benefits for baby including:

  • Relaxation
  • Improved sleep
  • Reduced crying
  • Enhanced brain development
  • Aids in the relief of colic, wind pain and constipation through a specific sequence
  • Strengthens their immune system
  • Improved weight gain in premature infants


But its not only babies who benefit from massage, mothers who do regular massage have been found to experience reduced depressive symptoms, stress and anxiety.



Gift vouchers are available – a perfect baby shower or to welcome a new baby.


Discover the wonderful benefits of massaging your baby.

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